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LBC Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup

LBC Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup

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Breakfast (or any meal) just got more delicious. We partnered up with a small company: We have the barrels, they have the syrup. It's a match made in heaven, which is why LBC's Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup tastes so divine.

Your taste buds are going to love the upgrade from the usual maple syrup, and your waffles, pancakes and biscuits are about move to a whole new level.

Pro-Tip: Use our syrup to glaze pork chops, salmon, or turkey, and to make a very fancy (but stress-free) desserts: over pound cake, vanilla ice-cream, or baked in wherever the recipe calls for honey or syrup.

100% pure American Grade A Amber Maple Syrup

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